Massive Galaxy S8 Leak Shows Both Sides With Curved Edge Screen and Minimum Bezels


There have been numerous leaks of the Galaxy S8, but none of them can get any better than this. When we heard rumors of a major design overhaul, we honestly weren’t expecting a huge difference to be presented, but we were proven wrong horribly. The latest leak shows a massive number of changes from the company’s predecessors, including a high screen-to-body ratio.

Front and Back Side of Galaxy S8 Leaked, Along With Its Announcement Date – See the Attention to Detail

The glass back of the Galaxy S8 shows that the company intends to bring back wireless charging to the smartphone. Another thing that we noticed is the small bulge present right next to the camera. If that isn’t the fingerprint reader, then we’re assuming that the sensor is going to be present underneath the display. Looking at the front side of the smartphone, sure enough, there isn’t a physical home button present, meaning that Samsung is going to have a lot of freedom increasing the amount of screen present on the front side of the flagship.

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Though this will increase the amount of screen real estate that you’re able to view, it will also make the device more susceptible to drops, so remember to up that protection with a screen protector as well as a military grade-case if you intend to purchase this in the future. We see the opening of the headphone jack as well as what appears to be a Type-C USB port, but we cannot see the stylus opening, possibly because the entire shot of the smartphone isn’t present in the image here.

One case comparison video shows a stylus cutout for the Galaxy S8, indicating that Samsung might have included this option for users if they ever wanted to transform the device into a handset originating from the Galaxy Note series. The Galaxy S8’s release date according to the leak is March 29, so we’ll have all the elusive details for you then. In our opinion, Samsung has really outdone itself in transforming the Galaxy series of phones into one of the best looking Android flagships ever.

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