There Might Be a Higher RAM Galaxy S8 Variant for You to Purchase in the Future


Looking at 6GB RAM Android handsets appearing in 2016, it was obvious that we would be getting the same treatment in 2017. One rumor coming out of China states that the upcoming Galaxy S8 could be available in a larger RAM and storage variant, although we have to say that 4GB of RAM will be more than sufficient if Samsung can learn to further optimize its UI. Keep in mind that Samsung used to get heavily criticized for running a resource-hungry UI on its mobile devices but has come a long way since.

Galaxy S8 Said to Appear in a 6GB RAM Version Coupled With 128GB of Storage – Expandable Storage Option Will Continue to Remain

According to one rumor, the Galaxy S8 will either appear in a 4GB or 6GB RAM variant, with the 4GB RAM model expected to come with 64GB internal storage, while the 6GB one could come with 128GB of onboard storage. We still remember the severe backlash Samsung had to face when it removed the MicroSD slot from its Galaxy S6 family, so here’s to hoping that the company doesn’t attempt another foolish move like that. In addition, 6GB of RAM will be a battery guzzler unless of course, Samsung incorporates efficient DRAM memory chips inside the flagship.

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Another rumor claims that the smartphone is going to be packing a 3,250mAh battery, but keep in mind that this is going to be for the smaller screen version. The larger screen model has been rumored to feature a 3,750mAh battery so if your idea of a flagship is to experience more screen real estate and higher battery life, then you should definitely go for the larger Galaxy S8, which according to some rumors, is being referred to as the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Remember to take this info with a grain of salt. Such rumors come and go, but because we’re at a point where high-end Android phones come with more RAM, it is highly plausible for the Galaxy S8 to ship out with more memory.