Front Side of Galaxy S8 Looks Absolutely Breathtaking With Company Logo Replacing Home Button


Galaxy S8 is expected to get announced next month, with Samsung expected to make an appearance at the MWC 2017 trade show to provide a teaser of its flagship smartphone. The device is quite different from its predecessors and the removal of the home button is definitely a refreshing thing to see from the company because now it means that there will be more real screen estate for the user. This is the physical description that we’re expected to see from the Galaxy S8 and a leaked image showing the gorgeous front side of the upcoming handset.

Reflective Samsung Logo Replaces the Home Button With Curved Screen Melting Towards the Sides of the Galaxy S8

The image of the Galaxy S8 shown before you might not be a Mi Mix, but it certainly comes close if you compare the previous iterations of the flagship. The physical home button that was a necessary addition to previous-gen smartphones is no longer present and has been replaced by a reflective Samsung logo that looks like a worthy replacement in my opinion (via MyDrivers). Previous rumors suggested that the smartphone was going to have a screen-to-body ratio that would exceed 90 percent, but looking at this image, we’re not so sure if that’s true.

Galaxy S8 Android Support Officially Comes to an End After 4 Years

The screen ratio has certainly increased, but we believe it is going to be below 90 percent. If there is no home button present, then it looks like the majority of the tasks are going to be taken care thanks to on-screen buttons, which is a nice little touch. Physical buttons tend to wear down in the future, so it is good that such as a change came through. While you cannot see the rear side of the flagship, it has been rumored that the fingerprint reader will also serve dual-purposes by allowing users to summon the company’s virtual assistant known as Bixby.

The month of March is certainly going to be an exciting one and we’ll update you on all the information that we get our hands on.