Galaxy S8 Could Very Well Be the ‘Fast-Typing’ Enabled Smartphone You Were Looking for, According to Leaked Video

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S8

The ‘over the top’ hardware of Galaxy S8 combined with its improved user interface should be able to deliver a lag-free typing experience and according to a leak video that is showcasing a typing test, it looks like you are going to be experiencing just that.

Typing Test of Galaxy S8 Shows That Punching in Random Numbers and Letters Does Not Slow Down the Device – Will This Speed Be Maintained Over the Course of Time?

Having used several Android handsets, I can safely say that most of the time, the keyboard does not register the letter that I have tapped on, and I often find myself pressing on the display multiple times to see that letter on screen. Granted, I have owned such devices for a long time, so it is an assumption that this is going to be expected from such handsets. In a leaked video uploaded by Slashleaks, it shows that the touch sensitivity of the Galaxy S8 when a user is typing is shown testing the limits of the on-screen keyboard.

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You can see that the keyboard is able to register those keystrokes very well, and it should be expected since you are going to be paying a small fortune for this phone. What remains to be seen is if this speed can remain the same throughout the course of several years because the average consumer cannot afford to shell out huge amounts of money on a flagship every time.

Additionally, we are also interested in seeing how the user will acclimatize themselves to using a device that has curved edges on both sides of the device. Not only will it make the phone harder to grip, but the sides of the keyboard interface might also melt to the corners, following the pattern of the display.

Both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are going to be announced on March 29, and we are certain that we will revisit the event where consumers give their feedback on how their Galaxy S8 is performing after months of use. Hopefully it will not be a forgotten handset like the Note7 and will be placed on Samsung’s ‘shelf of pride’.


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