Galaxy S8 edge Clear Renders Give us a Glimpse of What the Device Could Look Like


Case renders of the Galaxy S8 have been rapidly incoming, showing the sort of design we can expect from the upcoming flagship. However, this time we get a completely new case dedicated for a completely new smartphone, the Galaxy S8 edge. Let us see what is going to be different about this.

Alleged Case of the Galaxy S8 edge Leaked – Front Side Shows Single Camera Lens But Dual-Camera Setup Rumored

Looking at this Galaxy S8 edge, the device’s front side is exposed (images given below), showing the near bezel-less screen belonging to the smartphone. The top and bottom areas are not covered with the screen because of the space required by the Samsung logo as well as front-camera sensor and speaker grill. As you can tell, there are three physical buttons present on one side of the case, which is on point with the previous case leaks that we have covered. The bottom size of the smartphone is expected to a sport a headphone jack coupled with a Type-C USB port, which is great the presence of a headphone jack is still needed in Android smartphones.

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Galaxy S8 edge is rumored to be the larger of the two flagships, and with everything we’ve been hearing about the S8 edge, it is any wonder that Samsung has been reported to manufacturer 10 million smartphone units for the initial shipment. This will definitely help to recover the revenue lost thanks to the Note7.

Unfortunately, the screen sizes of these models are still unconfirmed because, on one hand, Samsung is prepping 5.7 and 6.2-inch models, while another report states that a 6-inch model is going to be announced. Rumor also has it that the company is preparing a flat screen version of the flagship, hence the Galaxy S8 edge is presented here. Regardless, we feel that this is the right approach since the regular version should be cheaper and would allow proper grip for users in comparison to curved-edge screen models.

Keep in mind that while the dual-curved display version will be handy for some users, not many consumers are going to take advantage of such a feature so they might not feel comfortable paying a hefty premium for it either.