Galaxy S8 Batteries Could Be Coming From Sony as Well – More Manufacturers Entering the Fold?


Samsung SDI was expected to be the chief battery supplier for Galaxy S8, but it looks like because the company has been injecting a huge amount of resources to improve battery safety, it appears that it is not going to happen. Instead, the latest report states that Sony, a known manufacturer of batteries will be amongst several firms that will be providing cells that will keep the upcoming flagship powered on for hours.

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The latest report comes from The Wall Street Journal, and details state that Sony could be listed as the third supplier for the batteries that are expected to be found running in the upcoming Galaxy S8. In addition to Sony, Murata Manufacturing has also been tapped as one of the companies that will be supplying batteries to Samsung for its upcoming crown jewel.

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Tapping several firms is a habit that corporations do all the time because it helps them to gain concessions on the pricing of specific components as well as ensure future partnerships with that specific manufacturer.

With the tech giant having been reported to ramp up the initial production of Galaxy S8 units from 10 million to approximately 17 million, it will need all the help it can get to ensure that the launch of the flagship goes as smoothly as possible. If you didn’t notice, the company isn’t going to be unveiling the Galaxy S8 at the MWC 2017, possibly due to the Note7 saga that took place in 2016.

In short, Samsung is making huge strides to ensure that the catastrophe that took place last year does not make a re-run and that too with the upcoming flagship. The announcement date of the Galaxy S8 has been reported to be unveiled during the MWC 2017 trade show but it seems more than likely that an official launch date is going to take place somewhere during the month of April.