‘All-Screen’ Design Expected on the New Galaxy S8 – Huge Overhaul in Tow


The iPhone 8 is definitely expected to come with a huge design overhaul but it looks like the upcoming Galaxy S8 is going to be the clear winner in the race and according to the latest report, you should gear up for the Android-powered flagship.

Latest Galaxy S8 Report Claims a Bezel-Less Display With Home Button Buried Underneath the Panel – Physical Home Button Could Be a Fading Memory Soon

Following the path of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the latest report suggests that the Galaxy S8 will sport a bezel-less display and unless the previous models, the home button might cease to exist entirely. Not only will this give the user unrestricted movement across the entire display, but it will increase the total real-estate of the entire phone, allowing you to view more content on the same screen size. Samsung has been rumored to release two Galaxy S8 models, and both of them are expected to sport phablet-sized form factors in order to help consumers feel more comfortable jumping from the Note 7 to this one.

According to previous rumors, the S8 is expected to feature a screen-to-body ratio exceeding 90 percent as well as a pressure sensitive display similar to the one present in the iPhone 6s. Greg Roh, an analyst employed at HMC Investment Securities states the following about consumers’ impression of upgrading to the upcoming flagship:

“It will take about a month or two for people to actually start opening their pockets. Since the phones have a record of burning up, it needs time for these phones to be verified as safe. How safe the phones turn out to be is more important than any hardware innovation.”

Internal testing of the smartphone should commence from the start of 2017 so that Samsung gets a head start in making sure that its future crown jewel does not pose any threat to consumers. Note 7’s design flaw prevented the battery from receiving any breathing room, so we sincerely hope that this tragedy has given Samsung the opportunity to improve the design considerably.

We are extremely excited to see how the new Galaxy S8 shapes out to be but it does not look like Samsung is going to unveil it during the MWC 2017 trade show due to thorough tests being conducted prior to its announcement. Are you excited to witness the announcement of a completely redesigned Samsung smartphone? Tell us your thoughts right away.