Samsung Reported to Ramp up Initial Galaxy S8 Shipments up to a Whopping 17 Million Units

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S8 17 million initial shipments

As if the earlier reports suggesting 10 million Galaxy S8 shipments wasn’t sufficient that a new one pops up claiming that Samsung is aiming to ramp up production to bring that grand total up to an unbelievable 17 million units. Keep in mind that these are just the initial shipments we’re talking about; this is the period when the company is prepping to sell its flagship in various markets for the first time. The yearly shipment goal for the company, however, is far loftier in terms of the manufacturer’s ambitions.

Supplies of the Regular Galaxy S8 Much Higher Than That of Galaxy S8 Plus, According to Report’s Claims

A new report coming from local news outlet The Bell (via The Investor) claims that Samsung has nearly doubled the initial shipments for its upcoming Galaxy S8. The report also compared the Galaxy S7’s initial shipments (12 million) and stated that Samsung’s output for when it officially announces the Galaxy S8 will be increased by 40 percent. Our previously covered report suggests that for the entire year, the Korean tech giant intends on selling a total of 60 million Galaxy S8 units, but here’s the thing that we are slightly bewildered over.

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Galaxy S8 Plus has been reported to outsell the Galaxy S8, but Samsung here has been reported to produce an initial shipment of just 6 million units of the larger flagship. Keep in mind that these are just the initial shipments so the company could intend to ramp up that figure once it sees that consumers have started to prefer the larger smartphone due to its natural benefits such as more screen real estate and a larger battery capacity.

It has been heavily rumored that both of the upcoming models are going to be void of a flat display version, despite several rumors claiming that the company is still going to produce a small number of flat screen versions. Instead, Samsung could be relying on just curved-edge display variants to bring in all the revenue for the firm and after the Note7 fiasco, it appears that Samsung is looking to inject a large number of resources to make sure that every major smartphone market experiences a taste of the company’s mobile finest offering yet.

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