Glossy Black Galaxy S7 Is Here to Take on the Jet Black iPhone 7

Galaxy S7 Glossy Black coming soon

Samsung is pinning a major portion of its hope on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge at least till the company announces its much-awaited Galaxy S8, which is scheduled to arrive during the month of April. That is months away, and failing to capitalize on the smartphone market will eventually leave Samsung in a more worrisome position. However, to help phablet owners come closer to the Galaxy S7, the latest report suggests that the Glossy Black version of the smartphone is going to be introduced in the future.

Glossy Black Variant of Galaxy S7 Could Help Users Forget About the Galaxy Note 7 and Take on the Jet Black Model of Apple’s iPhone 7

With the announcement of its Galaxy Note 7, Samsung introduced a Black Onyx color version, which definitely looked terrific, if you can take care of it most of the time. However, with the production of the Note 7 now a thing of the past, Samsung will have to rely on a replacement, which will naturally come in the form of its Galaxy S7. There is no mention of the Glossy Black Galaxy S7 edge, but we are more than certain that it is going to be introduced since the smartphone is the closest thing you can experience to a Galaxy Note 7 replacement right now.

The release of the Glossy Black Galaxy S7 will actually serve dual-purposes. With the Coral Blue version of the smartphone aimed at consumers who wanted to divert their attention from the explosive Note 7, the Glossy Black exterior might also provide customers some incentive to not switch to the Jet Black variant of the iPhone 7. However, we are wondering why the company didn’t think of this sooner. Regardless, it is actually a good initiative taken by Samsung and hopefully they will be able to provide some relief to its cash flows while it preps the inevitable arrival of the Galaxy S8.

Naturally, the Glossy Black version is going to be introduced on Samsung’s home turf first, then make its way to other markets. The only variable that the manufacturer cannot mess around with is time. With the announcement of Galaxy S8 potentially 5 months away, producing way too many units will mean that Samsung will have a ton of unsold inventory, which it will have to get rid of one way or another.

What are your thoughts on the latest report? Will you be excited to hear about the announcement of a new Galaxy S7 variant? Let us know right away.


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