Check Out the Differences Between the Pearl Black and Injustice Galaxy S7 Edge Editions [Video]


Samsung earlier unveiled the Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition, which rocks a golden Batman emblem at the rear side and taking inspiration from the comic book character’s black toned suit, the company also made the color that way. However, that isn’t the only black Galaxy S7 edge variant available as the company also announced the Pearl Black edition to take on the iPhone 7 Plus with its glossy outlook. So how different are the two devices? Let us find out.

Thanks to Their Black Exteriors, Both Models of the Galaxy S7 Edge Look Identical With the UI Playing a Pivotal Role in Sorting Out Those Differences

A hands-on video shows both devices and as you would expect from these Galaxy S7 edge variants; you cannot tell the differences, unless of course if you possess a discerning eye. One of the few distinguishing elements we found on the Injustice Edition was the fact that it not only has the prominent golden Batman logo on the back as well as the fact that the speaker grill is also golden.

Other than that you will find that the smartphones are identical to one another. As soon as you trigger the display, that’s when you know you have got your hands on the limited edition, as the Injustice Edition shows off a Batman themed UI, while the Pearl Black edition uses Samsung’s default UI. Purchasing a limited edition smartphone does have its drawbacks, starting with the exorbitant price tag, but at the end of the day, it is meant for die-hard comic book fans, specifically Batman aficionados.

Take care to protect the glossy look of both smartphones since both of them featuring a black aluminum exterior means that scratches and fingerprints will look prominent. If you want to take a look at the video, it has been posted below and also tell us your thoughts which one would you end up purchasing.