First Galaxy S7 Edge Glossy Black Color Images Pop up – Ready to Take on Jet Black iPhone 7

Galaxy S7 edge Glossy Black images leak

Most likely to appeal to consumers and to take on the Jet Black iPhone 7 model, there were reports of a Glossy Black Galaxy S7 version incoming. However, the latest leaked image gallery does not show the 5.1-inch handset, but its larger brother instead, which we knew was going to come along as well.

Galaxy S7 Edge Glossy Black Painted With a Shiny Layer – Will Most Definitely End up Becoming a Fingerprint Magnet

Flipping the phone to the front side you can see the dual-curved edge display of the smartphone, and since there are no flat edges anywhere, this is a sure reminder that it is the Galaxy S7 edge. One of the core reasons why Samsung would be inclined to introduce a Galaxy S7 edge in this color model is because not only is this model the closest thing that you will now find to a Note 7, but there are added benefits when it comes to the hardware.

First off, being larger to the actual Galaxy S7, you will be able to view more screen real estate, and coupled with the curved display, you also get a large 3,600mAh battery with it, which is a plus. Possessing a screen size of 5.5 inches also means that it will be able to compete with the iPhone 7 Plus, which is also available in both the Jet Black and Matte Black models. As you can see, a bunch of accessories have also been bundled with the smartphone, showing that Samsung wants to deliver the whole package to you.


From the internals side, nothing is going to change; you get the same QHD AMOLED display that Samsung has managed to scale its reputation with. You still get the impressive 12MP rear camera sensor that is able to snap beautiful images and also record footage in 4K. However, it is advised that upon purchasing this model, you also purchase a durable phone case. Coming in the Glossy Black edition also means that the smartphone will be a fingerprint magnet and will also be susceptible to scratches from the likes of car keys and coins, so keep it protected at all times.

As for the release date, it has been reported that the device is going to be unveiled later this month so let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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