Galaxy S7 Edge Explodes on Woman’s Desk – Samsung Has Yet to Speak Out About This


The Galaxy Note 7 is no longer being produced, or sold, but it looks like the harrowing legacy that the former flagship phablet left behind seems to be finding its way back to other devices, such as the Galaxy S7 edge. In another horrific incident, the smartphone ended up exploding on a woman’s desk, but there are other factors that you have to take into account for the explosion to take place.

Ashleigh Deakin Posted Pictures of the Aftermath – Says She Is Switching to an iPhone Since She Cannot Trust Samsung Anymore

The woman managed to post her images on Facebook, and it is not confirmed if she managed to forward the news to Samsung. However, at this point, the post has been shared more than 200,000 times, so it is absolutely certain that the company’s spokespersons might have found out about this, but continue to remain mum about the situation. Deakin posted the following status update with the images attached (given below):

“Samsung, you SUCK! After witnessing my S7 Edge explode right in front of my eyes last night, I will officially be an iPhone user today. I will NEVER go back to using a Samsung after this. Not on a charger, not in use, JUST SITTING ON MY DESK. I knew that the Notes were recalled, but not the S7 Edge. Please share this with everyone who may have this phone to watch out! #MyBombWentOff #StupidSamsung #ThatWasMyFavoriteCaseToo.”

The Galaxy S7 edge user hasn’t detailed what sort of accessories she was using with the smartphone, but manufacturers always advise that you should either use the bundled chargers provided to you with the smartphone’s packaging or purchase a USB charging hub that is actually certified for use with these smartphones. As you know, lithium-ion batteries are not the safest components present in a smartphone, as overheating or puncturing can cause violent explosions.

It should also be reminded that you never purchase 3rd-party accessories without confirming if they are actually safe to use. They might be extremely affordable, but there are certain risks involved while using these.