Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral Will Be Available to Purchase in the United States


With the Galaxy Note 7 Blue Coral no longer being produced, the consolation prize comes in the form of the Galaxy S7 edge Blue Coral, and to be honest, the 5.5-inch phablet is the closest replacement you can have for the company’s volatile phablet. According to the latest information, the Blue Coral version of the smartphone is going to land in the United States, meaning that the phablet-sized void that was left thanks to the Note 7 will slightly be filled thanks to the latest color model.

Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral to Be Sold at Major U.S. Carriers Before the End of This Year

While there is no difference in hardware when you compare this Galaxy S7 edge model with different colored variants, those who miss the Note 7’s Blue Coral model will be given a small amount of happiness that Samsung catered to their wishes, albeit in a smaller capacity. Minus the S-Pen accessory and Type-C USB port, Galaxy S7 edge Blue Coral is the closest thing you could ever hope for as a Galaxy Note 7 replacement.

In fact, some consumers will opt to purchase this device because it sports a slightly larger battery capacity compared to Note 7. The Galaxy S7 edge features a 3,600mAh battery and a speed-charge test result showed that the phablet races past both Google Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus by taking the least amount of time to take the battery level to 100 percent, despite featuring the largest cell out of the trio.

Not only this, but the device also sports one of the best smartphone displays on the planet and it also allows you to expand your storage, something that its predecessor was, unfortunately, void of. Pricing details are currently unavailable, but we have a feeling that the handset is going to be priced at the same range as the remaining color models unless of course, Samsung has other plans.

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