Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral Variant Announced – Consolation Prize for Note 7 Users


Samsung earlier announced that it was going to bump Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge production to new heights at least until the new Galaxy S8 is officially announced. To make consumers more amenable to the fact that they should settle for a Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung has officially announced its Blue Coral variant of the 5.5-inch flagship.

Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral Model Is Definitely Going to Cost a Handful So If You’re Going to Be Upgrading, Keep Your Wallets Ready

According to Samsung’s Singaporean website, the announcement of the Galaxy S7 edge Blue Coral edition had been completed, with the press release stating that the smartphone in the local market is going to cost quite a handful. According to sources close to the matter, the phablet is going to cost a whopping a $1,098, which is far more than what Galaxy Note 7 was going for. However, you should be informed that pricing and availability for other markets have yet to be detailed, so you’re going to have to patient for that.

Given below is the announcement of the Galaxy S7 edge Blue Coral edition:

“Samsung today also announced the retail availability of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ in Blue Coral, adding a stunning colour variant to this sleek and stylish device. Currently available in Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Pink Gold, the new colour variant of the Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ features a refined design coupled with powerful functionality while encased in a cool blue hue.”

In a way, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge is the closest thing you’re ever going to get if you’re looking for a Galaxy Note 7 alternative. Minus the S-Pen and the Type-C USB port, the 5.5-inch actually features a slightly larger battery capacity and the same camera features as the 5.7-inch phablet. However, if you believe that you want something other than a Galaxy S7 edge, then we have also outlined 4 other phablet alternatives that will work nicely now that Galaxy Note 7 isn’t being produced.

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