Galaxy S7 Active And Galaxy S7 Go For A Drop Test But Which Phone Will Survive?


Galaxy S7 active is Samsung’s way of showing on how you can exert a decent amount of wear and tear on a smartphone without it getting damaged. One YouTuber managed to get his hands on both a Galaxy S7 active and a Galaxy S7 and make them go through the infamous drop test to see if the rugged smartphone can really hold its own against the hard, unforgiving surface.

Galaxy S7 Active Vs Galaxy S7 Drop Test: Which Phone Will Survive?

The video of the drop test was carried out by PhoneBuff so top marks to them for taking out the time and effort and compile this video. Given at the bottom, the footage shows how far an extremely protective handset is able to hold its own, and alongside it, we will also see how far the regular version is able to hold up against its more durable brother.

Now, we’re not spoiling anything for you so you will have to view the video in order to see which devices manages to survive the tense gauntlet. As for the pricing details, currently, there are three ways of paying for your Galaxy S7 active. The first route is that you can choose to shell out $794.99 on the smartphone in a crazy spending frenzy, or you can choose for a payment plan that will allow you to stick within your budget. Currently, AT&T is offering you two payment installment programs that you can choose to complete for a period of 24 months, or 30 months.

Naturally, choosing the 30-month period will be cheaper if you look at a per month period, but here’s the total amount that you will end up paying when looking at all payment plans.

  • Paying in a single go: $794.99
  • $33.13 per month for 24 months: $795.12
  • $26.50 per month for 30 months: $993.9


Looking at the pricing differences, there is no question that the second option will definitely go in your favor, unless of course you are completely alright with shelling nearly $800 on a rugged smartphone in a single purchase. As for the hardware specifications, Galaxy S7 active the battery capacity of the device is a whopping 4,000mAh, and is definitely going to be one of the strongest features of the device. In many ways, Galaxy S7 Active represents the best of what the original 5.1-inch smartphone has, and has been placed inside a much more durable chassis.


Galaxy S6 was criticized by reviewers for featuring a very small cell, but its active variant made up for those limitations by sporting a large battery capacity. As far as the dimensions go, Galaxy S7 active has a thickness of 9.9 millimeters; a whole millimeter thicker than the 8.6-millimeter Galaxy S6 Active. The rear camera sensor also has an aperture of F/1.7. After watching the video, what are your thoughts about the durability of the smartphone? Let us know your thoughts right away.