Galaxy S6 Edge Can Beat iPhone 6 Plus In Wi-Fi Connectivity Tests


Apple’s iPhone 6 duo, which includes the gargantuan iPhone 6 Plus, are known for their blazing fast processing speeds and energy efficiency. Despite being equipped with dual-core processors, both handsets are able to make short work of Android devices running powerful quad-core processors. However, when pitted against Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, Apple’s current flagship duo is clearly outmatched by Exynos 7420. However, there is another department where Galaxy S6 Edge outperforms iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus; Wi-Fi connectivity speeds. Though both Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus feature an 802.11 ac Wi-Fi adapter, it is Samsung’s flagship offering that takes the crown in this race.

Galaxy S6 Edge Is Able To Make Short Work Of iPhone 6 Plus In Both Upload And Download Speed Tests

Thanks to YouTube video uploader Adrian Isen, we were able to witness the prowess of Galaxy S6 Edge, in the Wi-Fi connectivity department. Until now, we have all witnessed what Exynos 7420 present inside the innovative handset is capable of, so let us see how the handset performs in other categories. Given below are the results achieved by both smartphones in a controlled environment. Keep in mind that the YouTube video uploader conducted both upload and download tests.


Upload Speed Results

  • Galaxy S6 Edge: 169.18 Mbps and 153.34 Mbps
  • iPhone 6 Plus: 125.55 Mbps and 122.48 Mbps

Download Speed Results

  • Galaxy S6 Edge: 185.67 Mbps and 181.09 Mbps
  • iPhone 6 Plus: 102.67 Mbps and 104.74 Mbps

iPhone 6 Plus performed poorly in the download tests as opposed to the upload tests. On an average, Galaxy S6 Edge bested the iPhone 6 Plus by 30 Mbps in upload speeds and 80 Mbps in download speeds, which is downright impressive. However, we have to point say that this was a test where a previous generation flagship smartphone was pitted against a current generation one, which makes the test imbalanced, regardless if they feature the same Wi-Fi adapter.

Looks like we’re going to have to wait for Apple iPhone 6S in order to show Galaxy S6 Edge whose boss. Till then, Samsung’s latest device owners have bragging rights on this particular front, for now.

Image source: Press and Update