Galaxy S3 ROM and S Voice APK Available for Download !

Yes you read it right. Folks over at XDA have ripped the official Galaxy S3 ROM and is said to work on most Samsung smartphones supporting Android 4.0 i.e the Ice Cream Sandwich. On the other hand , the S Voice , which is Samsung's answer to Apple's voice recognition software Siri, has also been hacked by devs at XDA. It is also being reported to work fine and almost all Android 4.0 supporting smartphones. The reviews coming in as of yet declare it as more reliable and accurate compared to Siri. Scroll down the article to view the download links of both the leaks. Hurry because they might be shutdown anytime soon by the authorities !

The leak of the official Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM will surely be a great news for many an Android users. Although it is 800MB in size and is one of the bulkiest ROM available on the internet, the sheer amount of new useful apps which come bundled with it make it a worthwhile download for any Android user. Here's the link to download the Galaxy S3 ROM from.

The yet to be released Galaxy S3 was not able to impress many reviewers and its ROM, with all the new goodies which it contains, was expected to be its only salvation. Now that it is leaked it remains to be seen if it affects the sales of Galaxy S3 much but even if doesn't the team behind its production will be irritated to death that their product for which they worked so hard is available for download for free on the internet.

The S3's ROM comes with a brand new version of version of TouchWiz which is, as of yet, exclusive to it. Other than that it also features an app called Smart Stay which uses the front camera to alter the screen timeout by checking if the users eyes are closed or not! Cool isn't it ?

However, the most sensational feature of the Galaxy S3 will definitely be the S Voice, the Siri 'look alike' ! Here is the link for you can download the exclusive APK for the S Voice. It has been tested to work fine on Galaxy Nexus as well as Galaxy S2 but according to recent reports, Samsung servers have started blocking S Voice requests coming from unauthorized devices, which in other words means any device other than the Galaxy S3.

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