Galaxy S21 Ultra Scores Lower Than Galaxy S20 Ultra in DxOMark Tests

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is perhaps the best phone in the Android space at the time of writing. Not only is it the most refined Samsung phone that is available for you to purchase but if you are looking for a great camera and other specs. This is the phone that you should be getting your hands on if you are looking for a definitive camera experience.

However, a new comprehensive camera test from DxOMark reveals that the Galaxy S21 Ultra's camera is not as good as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which baffles us all considering how the biggest flaw in the Galaxy S20 Ultra was the camera, and it had a horrible autofocusing issue.

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Test Reveals That the Camera Is Not as Impressive as We Think and It is a Shock

With that said, the DxOMark camera review of the Galaxy S21 Ultra shows that the phone has received an overall score of 121 points. In comparison, last year's Galaxy S20 Ultra received 126 points. Breaking the score down, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has received 128 points in the photo segment, 98 in the video segment, and 76 in the zoom segment.

The Galaxy S20 Ulta received 128 points in the photo segment, 106 in the video, and 88 in the zoom segment. According to the DxOMark results, the Galaxy S21 is not as good as the Galaxy S20 Ultra in the camera department.

I have been using the Galaxy S21 Ultra since it came out, and it has a lot more reliable focusing, great low-light images and videos. Not to forget, the zoom range is a lot more reliable, too. I can easily call it the best smartphone camera in the market at the moment. So, what is wrong with DxOMark's score? Well, the review says that the two zoom cameras are not as impressive. According to them, they are not much better than the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

In terms of video recording, the S21 Ultra scored similar to the Google Pixel 4a, and the review has pointed out how the main issue is with video stabilization. Overall, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has scored lower than some of the last year's phones, which makes very little sense because, in a proper camera test, you can tell that the phone's cameras are way ahead.

Still, DxOMark is often known for these discrepancies, with many tech outlets telling the readers not to trust what they post blindly. If you are interested in reading more about these tests, you can check the comprehensive review here.

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