Galaxy S11’s Battery Certification Shows the Flagship Will Have a Bigger Capacity Than the Note 10 Plus


As the purported Samsung Galaxy S11 launch for a rumored February 2020 unveiling inches closer, the leaks surrounding the phone have also started to intensify. Earlier, the Galaxy S11 Plus’s battery was spotted in the SafetyKorea database. Now, it seems that the Galaxy S11 battery has also been certified, and though it’s smaller than the rumored capacity found in the Galaxy S11 Plus, it should be plentiful for a lot of future customers.

Galaxy S11 Battery Certification Also Shows That It Won’t Have the Biggest Capacity From the Upcoming Flagship Trio

The Galaxy S10 5G had a 4500mAh cell under the hood and according to the new certification, the Galaxy S11 battery will also feature the same capacity. The battery has the model number EB-BG985ABY, which is in line with its own supposed identifier, SM-G985. The accompanying image also shows that the minimal capacity of the battery is 4370mAh and the typical value is 4500mAh. This value is a major jump from last year’s LTE-only Galaxy S10, which only offered a 3400mAh battery, in case you were wondering.

Snapdragon 865 Variant of Galaxy S20 Spotted on Geekbench

Previously, it was reported that the Galaxy S11 will ship with a 25-watt fast charging power brick. This can be useful for juicing up the rumored gigantic Galaxy S11 battery pretty quickly. Fortunately, the 25-watt adapter might just be the bundled accessory’s charging limit and the upcoming flagship might be able to support a higher wattage. For a number of reasons, the larger battery will be highly appreciated. For one thing, it will allow future users to enable the rumored 120Hz refresh rate for longer periods. In addition, these users should also be able to experience longer screen-on time with 5G connectivity enabled.

Of course, the large Galaxy S11 battery isn’t going to be the only selling point of the flagship. According to previous rumors, the handset is shaping up to be quite a beast in the camera department. It’s expected to sport a 108MP main sensor, offer 5x optical zoom, and support 8K video recording at 30FPS thanks to the inclusion of a Snapdragon 865, or Exynos 990, depending on where you live.

While this is all the information we have for you, we’ll certainly have more updates surrounding the Galaxy S11 family in the coming days, so stay tuned.

News Source: SafetyKorea