Samsung Is Not Going to Be Selling Refurbished Units of Galaxy Note7, at Least Not Right Now


Despite announcing that refurbished smartphones are going to be added starting from 2016, it looks like Samsung has no intentions of adding its Galaxy Note7 to that list, which we feel is a good option. You never know when the phablet might start causing accidents again.

Samsung Spokesperson Claims That Refurbished Units of Company’s Galaxy Note7 Are Not Going to Be Sold, at Least in One Region

Even after a report came out yesterday detailing that the Galaxy Note7 was going to be sold in different markets at a lower price and different specifications and design, a Samsung spokesperson from India spoke to Gadget 360 and clarified the rumors immediately:

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“The report on Samsung planning to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphone[s] in India is incorrect.”

What this would mean is that the company might not be selling refurbished units of Galaxy Note7 in India, but it does not clarify if the manufacturer might not be targeting other countries where consumers have actually developed a penchant for purchasing such phones. Let us take out the ‘accidents’ out of the equation and look at the Note7 from a different perspective. It was one of the greatest mobile computing devices that Samsung hand launched and had those accidents not taken place at all, Apple might have had a different financial quarter for 2016.

It is a possibility that instead of India, Samsung has set its sights in other countries where it could be selling the Note7 at a much more affordable price tag. If this does manage to happen, then there are several differences that will draw the line between the refurbished unit and a brand new one. Samsung was earlier reported to change the design of the phablet as well as reduce the battery capacity from 3,500mAh to a cell that would be able to hold a charge in between the range 3,000mAh to 3,200mAh.

Additionally, Samsung has shown that it has introduced some insane procedures for testing out smartphone batteries so, under those conditions, a refurbished Galaxy Note7 does not sound like a bad idea at all. What are your thoughts on the matter? If you have something to share with me, let me know down in the comments.