Galaxy Note7 Refurbished Models Could Get an Early Release Thanks to the Latest FCC Approval

Galaxy Note7 refurbished

The rebirth of the Galaxy Note7 could finally be upon us as the latest FCC approval shows the smartphone and various models listed in an image. Since this is an FCC approval, could this mean that the 2016 flagship could start to sell in the United States?

Three Different Galaxy Note7 Versions Listed – One of Them Could Start to Sell in the U.S. Thanks to Latest FCC Approval

According to an image that shows the 5.7-inch phone featuring FCC approval with certain frequencies and other specs listed, it looks like there are going to be a total of three Galaxy Note7 models, with rumors claiming that the smartphone is going to be branded as Galaxy Note7R, most likely to show potential customers that this is not the explosive device that had to go through two recall phases.

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  • SM-N935S
  • SM-N935K
  • SM-N935L

Three models could mean that there might be three different regions that Samsung might be targeting to generate some revenue from its now defunct phablet in order to cover up the losses incurred thanks to the fallout that took place back in 2016.

According to a previous rumor, pricing of the refurbished versions of Galaxy Note7 was revealed and stated that each device could cost the user $620. Though this is still an expensive smartphone for something that is going to be categorized under the refurbished category, keep in mind that when the 2016 flagship was officially released, it came with a price tag that was $250 more than the figure that’s mentioned above.

The phone could do very well in Asia, with customers more agreeable to purchasing a high-end handset at a smaller price tag in these regions, it could make for a mildly successful re-launch of the Galaxy Note7. In addition, previous specification details have pitted the device in featuring a different design and smaller capacity than the original handset that was announced last year.

This will include a battery capacity in the range 3,000-3,200mAh and it also looks like the phablet will have a flat screen rather than the curved edge one that was accompanied with the original model. Samsung obviously looks like it does not want to take chances with yet another incident that could result in a PR nightmare for the tech giant, so it is a good business tactic to take the easy route.

Do you think the Galaxy Note7 could end up selling well in the U.S.? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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