Galaxy Note 7 Might Be Remotely Deactivated If You Don’t Follow Samsung’s ‘Powering Off’ Warning


If you aren’t going to be serious enough to realize the threat that Galaxy Note 7 possesses to consumers, then Samsung will have absolutely no choice but to take matters in its own hands. Having said this, the company is intending to remotely deactivate your Galaxy Note 7 if you do not end up powering off the latest phablet.

Samsung’s French Subsidiary Is Going to Remotely Deactivate All Galaxy Note 7 Units Falling in Their Region If Consumers Do Not Stop Using Them

If consumers do not return their Galaxy Note 7 by September 30, then Samsung’s French subsidiary will have absolutely no choice but to remotely deactivate the smartphone. You could say that the company is looking out for the well-being of its die-hard consumer base, but avoiding a lawsuit, losing market share and ultimately the trust of the consumers is something that Samsung will be equally worried about.

It’s not been detailed how the Galaxy Note 7 recall process is going to be held in other countries, but Samsung will start shipping out a care package to all Galaxy Note 7 owners residing in France on Monday, September 19. This parcel will consist of a replacement Galaxy Note 7, the latest Gear VR, and a prepaid envelope that should be used to immediately return defective handsets. Since the company is having difficulty convincing owners to take part in the Exchange Program, remotely deactivating them in probably the only choice they have.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 7 issue is not only tied to Samsung’s problems, but connected to consumers as well. Majority of consumers do not carry around a spare smartphone, but with this latest saga taking place, they will have no choice but to comply with the request. Being without a smartphone is something that most consumers simply cannot resort to, and since they might have sold their existing handset to get their hands on this one, waiting for a new package is something that they must be impatient in carrying out.

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