Galaxy Note 7 Gets Its First TV Commercial That Highlights Cores Features That Make it the Best Phablet on the Planet


Galaxy Note 7 is definitely a beauty to look at and this TV commercial more than augments the primary highlights of the smartphone. Take a look at the TV commercial yourself and give your verdict.

First Ever TVC Dedicated for Galaxy Note 7 Highlights the Features That Make the Smartphone Stand Out In Front of the Competition

Smartphones have achieved a level of pinnacle that reviewers are actually attempting to nitpick what’s wrong with them instead of actually seeing what’s right about them; that’s how good they have become. For a Galaxy Note 7, there are a ton of features that make it stand above the competition and as much as Samsung has incorporated impressive hardware underneath it, none of it would be possible if the company didn’t make adjustments to its software.

As for the chipset variants, Galaxy Note 7 is available to purchase in the following models:

  • Exynos 8890: Running a quad-core M1 Mongoose processor running at 2.15GHz, and quad-core Cortex-A53 running at 1.5GHz. GPU is an ARM Mali-T880 MP12
  • Snapdragon 820: Running a dual-core 2.15GHz Kryo and a dual-core 1.6GHz Kryo processor

The display tech used is Super AMOLED and features a much larger screen-to-body ratio in comparison to a Galaxy S7 edge. The Super AMOLED has several benefits over other display tech; it is able to consume less power and allow manufacturers to potentially reduce the thickness of future smartphones, and this is one of the contributing reasons why a Galaxy Note 7 sports a sleek form factor.

As for the commercial, do view and let us know your thoughts if it truly signifies the impressive features of the 5.7-inch phablet.

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