Another Galaxy Note 7 Reportedly Explodes While Charging – Samsung, Keep Track of Your QC


This isn’t the first time we’re reported that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 caught fire while charging. Another incident has emerged, bearing the same result; the expensive phablet now nothing more than a blemished paperweight. It’s high time that Samsung looks into these issues, because an expensive smartphone like this going up in smoke isn’t going to do wonders for the company’s reputation.

Samsung States Its Investigating the Matter of the Exploding Galaxy Note 7

An $850 smartphone that explodes while charging is a great loss for the consumer, but the company is under even greater threat of having its reputation tarnished. This time, another user has reported that his Galaxy Note 7 has gone up in smoke while it was charging. However, it’s not been reported if the charger being used to provide juice to the Galaxy Note 7 was the one bundled in the packaging, or was it a different one.

While the smartphone possesses a Type-C USB port, it does ship out with a MicroUSB adapter so that you don’t run into compatibility problems while charging. However, it is also cautioned that you do not proceed to charge any smartphone that’s not been authorized for use. Aftermarket chargers from reputable companies such as Tronsmart, Anker, Aukey and several others are quite alright, but other than that we’d tread carefully on the matter. I am speaking this from personal experience as well, till I realized that investing in a Tronsmart Titan charger was the best possible investment for me for charging multiple devices at the same time.

Samsung has stated that it will conduct expensive tests on its part to deduce the root cause of the explosion. The company’s representative is also in talks for compensation, but it will definitely take more than a Galaxy Note 7 replacement to calm the customer’s nerves. If the problem is widespread, then Samsung might have to recall a hefty number of units, which will once again deliver a crippling blow to the company’s revenue stream.

An advice on the matter is that while companies like Samsung tread professionally in the matters of quality control, it’s also the customer’s responsibility not to use non-certified accessories to charge their devices.