Official Images of Galaxy Folder 2 Have Been Leaked


The official images of the upcoming Galaxy Folder 2 have been leaked, showing that the smartphone bearing the retro look from Samsung could be announced very soon.

Galaxy Folder 2 Only Has Its ‘Retro’ Look Going for it – Disappointing Specifications to Be Honest

While this is purely me guessing, Galaxy Folder 2 could have a function to use the touchscreen and the physical navigation buttons too, with the slight chance that the upcoming phone could also rely upon gestures present by swiping your fingers off those physical navigation. Unfortunately, if Samsung could have a paid a small amount of attention to incorporating better hardware inside its Galaxy Folder 2, we might have had a real winner on our hands to really bring back ‘retro’ smartphone look ages ago.

Starting with the battery, there’s a removable cell sporting a capacity 2,000mAh, along with a MicroSD card slot to expand your existing storage up to 128GB. Sadly, the internal storage is far too modicum to help you get anywhere so there’s no question that you’re going to have to use a storage card in the future, if you intend on purchasing the smartphone. There’s also a 1.4GHz processor running inside Galaxy Folder 2 but we doubt it is going to remain limited to a single core.

It is possible that an Exynos 7570 will be present, which is the first 14nm FinFET produced SoC from the company to be present inside entry-level devices. There’s also 2GB of RAM present, along with a 3.8-inch display with an undisclosed resolution. An 8MP rear camera is also present, and looking at the overall hardware specifications, I have doubts that it will possess the firepower to even record 1080p videos.

Pricing details of the smartphone currently elude our grasp, but we’re speaking plainly by looking at the specifications that the phone needs to be priced at a lower bracket in order to sell well.

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