Galaxy A9 Pro Specs Leak Out; Looks Like Samsung Is Getting Serious Of Its Mid-Rangers


After the announcement of Galaxy A9, Galaxy A9 Pro is going to take center stage as the next mid-ranged handset from Samsung and from its specifications, it is definitely superior, as you will see thanks to the latest leak.


Galaxy A9 Pro Specs Leak Out – Very Impressive Configuration Shows That Samsung Might Be Gunning For The Mid-Tier Market As Well

Galaxy A9 Pro sports a 5.5 inch display, which is half an inch smaller than Galaxy A9, which sports a 6.0 inch Super AMOLED display. Looks like Samsung finally got the hint that 6.0 inch smartphones can definitely be cumbersome so it is possible that it decided to limit the handset to 5.5 inches. While size would be the first notable difference between the two smartphones, the second difference is that Galaxy A9 Pro sports 4GB of RAM, which is really impressive considering that the RAM count is the same amount present inside Galaxy Note 5, and will most likely be the same amount present in the upcoming Galaxy S7.

For the remaining internals, Snapdragon 652 is going to be present inside the handset because it states that Cortex-A72 is going to be present inside the SoC. Snapdragon 652 is definitely no slouch when it comes to performance, as indicated by the latest benchmarking results, and looking at these scores, we believe that Samsung has stated to take its mid-tier lineup quite seriously. However, the natural disadvantage from owning a smaller smartphone is that it will not sport a large battery capacity. So in other words, this could mean that the upcoming smartphone will have a battery capacity that is less than 4,000mAh, but let us hope that Samsung gives us a nice surprise.

Galaxy A9 Pro

Samsung is hell bent on making its devices slimmer than before, which is the objective that nearly all OEMs are trying to achieve, but attempting to make its devices sleeker will obviously force them to make several sacrifices along the way, which is battery capacity obviously. However, we sincerely hope that it does not compromise on the battery life of Galaxy A9 Pro.


For us, bulk isn’t a bad thing as long as the company does not compromise with maintaining impressive hardware inside it. With Galaxy A9, the price was somewhere around $500, which is too high for a mid-ranger, but considering the millions of fans that Samsung has garnered over the course of several years, the firm can make this bet, at least for a little while longer. With Galaxy A9 Pro, the price could be slightly higher than the regular version, but Samsung should make darn sure that it does not go overboard with its strategy.