Galactic Civilizations III Gets Pirate Squirrels DLC, Updated to 1.3


Galactic Civilizations III is receiving a major update today, moving on to version 1.3, and a new DLC has been released. Stardock has focused on easing the strain of managing a large empire.

Pirate squirrels invade the galaxy in the new 'Revenge of the Snathi DLC.

First, the update is significant, if not necessarily large. They've added what are known as Planetary Governors, AI that you can assign to run the daily affairs of each planet, building improvements for you. This way you no longer have to worry about each and every small detail (of which there are many) to attend to.

The fleet management UI also has received a bit of improvement so that it's much easier to take care of larger fleets of ships. Sometimes you'll end up having so many that it became difficult to organize them all. Also included in that is an improved ship destination window, letting you move those massive fleets around the galaxy a bit easier. Thus far it seems to be a lot more streamlined.

Moving on to the DLC, they've added another playable race, the Snathi. These squirrel pirates have been alluded to in the base game, though they're making their appearance as a playable race for the first time.

Revenge of the Snathi is the first campaign available for them our little squirrel associates. You're tasked with leading the Snathi on a daring escape from their Precursor prison world, something not to be taken lightly. New ships have been added that are uniquely Snathi in origin as well as a new artifact that lets them salvage ships from destroyed enemies.

The Snathi are an ancient race of extremely intelligent and bloodthirsty squirrel-like creatures. They were created by the Dread Lords as the ultimate weapon, but were locked away…until now.

The update is out now for everyone and the DLC is $4.99 on Steam.

We preview/reviewed the beta build of Galactic Civilizations III and concluded then that it was perhaps one of the best 4X strategy games ever concocted. And that was in an incomplete beta form! Now it's grown and matured into a well oiled machine that can nearly be played forever if you strategize correctly. It still remains a top recommended game due to the depth, customization and incredible story. That is, if you enjoy 4X strategy games.