Gainward Reveals GeForce GTX 580 “GOOD” Edition Graphics Card.

Hassan Mujtaba

Gainward has announced its new GPU based on the Geforce GTX 580 Core named the "GOOD"(Gainward Optimized Own Design) Edition GPU. The card features a 1536Mb of GDDR5 memory on a 384-bit wide memory interface along with a factory OC of 783MHz for all 512 CUDA Cores and 2010MHz for the Memory. This makes the Bandwidth pump up to 193GB/s.

The card also uses a Custom designed cooler featuring dual-fan cooling and improved heat-piper cooler for better cooling. Gainward claims that the card is 34% faster then the previous generation cards and also much cooler.

Gainward GeForce GTX 580 "GOOD" 1536MB is efficiently cooled by Gainward Grand Prix (GP) Heatpipes Cooler ventilated with 2 GR8 (Great 8 cm) PWM controlled fans. It provides a quite gaming environment; runs totally inaudible 33.0dB in 2D mode, only 5.0dB higher than the environment, nearly undistinguishable (for reference, a coin dropping on floor makes 81 dB). Comparing with GTX 580 reference fansink, Gainward GeForce GTX 580 "GOOD" 1536MB performs amazingly in low acoustic noise scale, which is 6.6 dB lower. While in 3D hard loading, Gainward GTX 580 "GOOD" 1536MB shows its excellent cooling performance by operating extreme low-temperature, which is 12°C lower than GTX 580 reference board, literally 32% amazingly cooler.


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