G.Skill Announces Another DDR4 RAM kit With an Extremely High Overclocking Potential – Take a Look Yourself


G.Skill, a known gaming memory brand that has also dug its nails in the gaming peripheral market has announced a new high-end Trident Z memory kit with a very impressive configuration, as you will read about shortly.

G.Skill Trident Z Is Available in The 32GB Capacity and Features a Frequency of 3866MHz

Desktop gaming systems are getting quite popular and with the addition of 32GB (8GB x 4) capacity configurations added, G.Skill is one of those companies that offer the finest memory kits (speaking from personal experience). The recent RAM kit introduced by the company has a configuration of the following:

  • DDR4-3866MHz
  • RAM Timings: CL18-19-19-39
  • Voltage: 1.35V

The latest RAM kits have been manufactured with the high performance Samsung IC memory chips and selected for its high frequency performance. With the continuous growth of Intel’s Skylake processor family and the ever increasing requirement of needing high-performance gaming memory, the latest family included in the Trident Z lineup will allow gamers to reach a high frequency, just as long as they have the necessary hardware available.

If you take a look at the screenshot given below, you will be able to see the clock speeds achieved by running the latest RAM kit from G.Skill. The processor is an Intel Skylake Core i5-6600K that is running at a clock speed of just below 3.90GHz. The overclocking result was achieved on an ASUS Z170 Deluxe motherboard, so as you can see, you will need impressive components to aid the gaming RAM kit in achieving the aforementioned level of frequencies.

To refresh your memory, we’d like to include that the previous G.Skill memory kit introduced featured a configuration of DDR4-3600MHz, so while the latest kit might not be a huge jump, the continuous growth of Intel’s Skylake platform, which is eventually going to be succeeded by the Kaby Lake lineup will force manufacturers to continue raising these frequencies.