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Futuremark Releases the Next Generation 3DMark Benchmark For PC Windows



Futuremark has unleashed the latest version of their 3DMark benchmark suite for PC platforms which evaluates hardware performance by running three individual graphical demos - Fire Strike, Cloud Gate, Ice Storm.

3DMark - The Next Gen Benchmark for PCs and Smartphones

The latest version of Futuremark's 3DMark doesn't comes with a version label as previous iterations did which suggests the new 3DMark is a sort of reboot for the whole franchise. Futuremark's 3DMark doesn't only evaluates PC devices but is also supported by a wide range of other devices which run including iOS/Android Smartphones, Notebooks, Tablet and ofcourse the fastest performing Windows based PCs.

As we stated earlier, the benchmark is based around three demos. Each which is configured for a certain piece of hardware, platform. Starting with the basic 'Ice Storm' which is designed for Tablets, Smartphones, entry level PCs. The test evaluates devices based on DirectX 9.0 demonstration set. Next up is the 'Cloud Gate' which is build to evaluate DirectX 10 level GPUs inside mid-range PCs while the 'Fire Strike' is the extreme benchmark set to make even the flagship cards from AMD and NVIDIA burn to death (joking). Each feature test also evaluates Physics performance which benefits from multi-core processors.

Futuremark's 3DMark is the first cross-platform benchmark that is compatible with all sorts of hardware such as PCs, Tablets, Laptops, Smartphones, etc. This allows users to compare their hardware with a wide variety of other devices.

You can download 3DMark from the link given below, it should be noted that just like 3DMark 11 the new 3DMark comes in three different versions. The free licences allows you to run benchmarks on the default presets while viewing your score online, the advanced version allows you to adjust visual quality as you suit fit and view scores both online and locally while the professional version which is built for engineers, journalists, and reviewers, wanting to dissect each benchmark run, down to second-by-second details. The new 3DMark also features a new graph type layout that shows data and benchmark score more effectively.

Futuremark 3DMark Basic - Download Link

3DMark Basic Edition – FREE

  • Includes all three tests: Ice Storm, Cloud Gate and Fire Strike.
  • Test everything from tablets to gaming PCs.
  • Easy to use, no technical know-how needed.
  • Free online account to manage your results.

3DMark Advanced Edition – $24.99

  • Run each test individually for faster benchmarking.
  • Unlock the Fire Strike Extreme preset for extreme hardware.
  • Explore your PC’s performance limits with custom settings.
  • Use benchmark looping for stability testing and burning in.
  • Get in-depth insights with interactive performance graphs.
  • Automatically save your results offline.

3DMark Professional Edition -$995.00

  • Licensed for business and commercial use.
  • Command line automation.
  • Image Quality Tool.
  • Private offline results option.
  • Export results as XML.

Futuremark's 3DMark s available for Windows platforms for now, the benchmark suite hits iOS and Android devices a little late.