Free Up Valuable iPhone And iCloud Storage With Gallery Doctor

Ever come across a message on your iPhone that you cannot accomplish a specific task because the memory was full? It happens a lot, and the reason behind this is the limited storage on our smartphones and our inability to delete unwanted data on our devices. Most of us still use iPhones with 16 gigabytes of memory space which might not be enough if you use your device as a daily driver. Unfortunately, the iCloud storage is also limited, unless you're willing to sacrifice some extra bucks.

However, app developers are well aware of your storage difficulties and steps have been taken to minimize your regrets. Gallery Doctor is one such app developed by Flayvr Media Ltd. that frees up space on your iOS device with minimum effort required. Basically, Gallery Doctor is an app that recognizes unwanted photos or videos and deletes them to free up space. It sounds like an app with a conscience, but it's actually not.

Gallery Doctor Is Your Personal Gallery Manager

Gallery Doctor has the potential to automatically identify a set of photos and videos which are blurry, poor in quality, dark, identical, and even boring. The unwanted photos are then piled up for a review. In the review section you can swipe left to delete the picture or swipe right to keep it. This is sort of a confirmation to delete the pictures with the aforementioned characteristics.

Gallery Doctor is not done yet. By the passage of time, the app gets smarter by learning from your liking or disliking habits. It learns from the type of photos you delete and the type you usually keep. The suggestions for deleting photos only gets better over time. The app is like a personal antivirus for your gallery where all photos get deleted that are not set to a particular standard. You don't have to spend hours trying to sort out the bad photos and then delete them, Gallery Doctor does that for you. The most important aspect is the free memory space that you get after all unwanted photos are deleted.

Gallery Doctor keeps you updated of your bad photos so you can clean your iPhone and free some valuable space with just a tap. If you are worried about privacy, Gallery Doctor does not store or share your personal photos with anyone at all. The app is available on the App Store for $2.99 and fully supports the iPhone. Do give this app a try and let us know about your awesome experience in the comments.

You can download Gallery Doctor from here.

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