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Rafia Shaikh
Learn Penetration Testing Free

With criminal hacking, ransomware and malware campaigns running in the wild, more companies are looking for people who can test their networks and systems against possible attacks. Penetration Testing (or pen testing) experts test a computer system, application or network to discover vulnerabilities. This is done to avoid criminal hackers to exploit these flaws. If you have always wanted to test applications, networks and services and possibly earn through the various bug bounty programs, now is your chance. Wccftech is offering you to learn pen testing methodologies for absolutely free. Head over to the deals page, and get access to 2 hours of content with 13 classes and quizzes.

Penetration Testing Methodologies Training Course

Official description: In this course we will explain the types of pen-testing techniques being used and how to build a complete Penetration Testing Strategy. If you are looking to become a professional pen-tester or build a penetration testing team, this course is a great start.

  • Learn Penetration Testing Techniques with 13 classes, 2 hours of content, and quizzes to test your skills
  • Pen-Testing Methodologies List
  • The difference between Blue Teaming and Red Teaming
  • Hiring and Profiling a Pen-Tester
  • ROI of Pen-Testing
  • Pen-Testing vs. Vulnerability Testing

Original value: $99 | Wccftech Offer: FREE for limited time

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