Fractured Space Celebrates One Million Players with a Spooky Halloween Update

Turns out space isn't so lonely after all. Edge Case Games announced that their giant space MOBA, Fractured Space, just hit over one million players. In celebration of this milestone, Edge Case dropped the massive Phase 1.5 update along with a creepy new crew member.

First off, there's a new crew member, repair specialist Ridley J. Fincher, who's free to recruit for anyone who logs in from now until November 3rd. Don't be freaked out that he's a skeleton, I'm sure he's still good at his job. There's even a new support ship called the Zarek Centurion and the update allows the Frontline mode to be played solo and co-op as well as multiplayer.

Here's a list of the major gameplay updates from the Phase 1.5 update:

  • Warp tunnel now has a slower effect to reduce reports of motion sickness from some players
  • Added turret coverage display to inform the player of the percentage of total damage their primary weapon is currently capable of outputting
  • Ally status display now has an icon for player lane and animations when player enters and leaves the same lane as the local player
  • Homebase and Forward station display a status effect when it is healing you
  • Removed the upgrade available number and icon from each of the individual team mate displays to reduce clutter
  • Added 60s Gamma countdown notification
  • Added Mark Target status effect sound to Watchman / Raider mark target abilities
  • Added more A.I. Captain names including previously recognised Champion players
  • Updated loading screens for the Destroyer and Gladiator
  • Adjusted the resolution scaling options in options
  • All stations now include improved local volume of some ambient audio elements

Fractured Space pits two teams of five gigantic capital ships against each other in MOBA-style combat as players work together to destroy the enemy’s team base. It's available now for free on PC (Steam), and the developer promised many more features coming soon such as ranked play.

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