Foxconn Commences First Shipments of the iPhone X but You Will Still Have to Wait a While to Get One


Here is positive news for millions of customers wanting to pre-order the iPhone X because Apple’s chief phone assembler, Foxconn has reportedly started shipping the first batch of smartphone orders. So what is the bad news? There is a very high probability that you will have to wait weeks on to finally have one shipped to your doorstep.

Around 46,500 iPhone X Units Being Shipped From Assembler - Foxconn to Ramp up Production but Initial Supply Will Make It Difficult to Get a Phone

As eager as you might be to get your hands on the latest iPhone, chances are that the scarce iPhone X shipments will prevent you from doing so. According to DigiTimes, Foxconn will be shipping around 46,500 units of Apple’s ‘all-screen’ phone from its assembling facilities, but that small a number for a worldwide population definitely means that you will have to wait for weeks in an attempt to finally own one.

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However, things will be looking brighter for Apple and Foxconn both, since the latter is expected to massively up that production number to around 400,000 units per week. Still, while the aforementioned figure is a massive improvement in churning out units in fast succession, it is still going to be pale in regards to the demand of the smartphone.

According to an analyst’s note, shipments of the iPhone X are expected to reach between 30-35 million units before 2017 ends. We have yet to see the popularity of the smartphone as we move into 2018, but critics are positive of Apple steamrolling the competition with an iPhone that features an edge-to-edge display and boasts impressive hardware from the internals to the optics.

Unfortunately, consumers will be expected to pay a heavy sum for the changes incorporated as the base model of the iPhone X comes in at $999, meaning that according to import rules and regulations of other regions, you might end up paying a lot more for the device.

News Source: DigiTimes