Foxconn And Sharp Building LCD Plant In China For 900 Billion Yen To Cater Rising Asian Demand


Now that Foxconn and Sharp have made the details of their partnership official, it's time to take a look at future directions for the collaboration. The focus of this merger will be to cater Apple's needs for the iPhone. Cupertino's been hesitant to upgrade the display on the iPhone for quite a while. 2017 will finally be the year Apple makes the switch, partially. Sources claim that out of the three variants of the iPhone due next year, only one will feature OLED. Now, we're hearing about some more details regarding Sharp and Foxconn's merger in China. Take a look below for more.

Sharp And Foxconn To Invest In Brand New LCD Plant In China For Joint TV Production

When we talk Western media, the only objective perceived from the merger between Foxconn and Sharp is the production of smartphone screen panels for the iPhone. Apple's been rumored to make the jump to OLED for quite a while now, and its reliance on a select supplier base is widely known as well. To that end, Foxconn and Sharp won't be able to successfully mass produce OLEDs until 2018. Subsequently, we're seeing rumors surface that only one out of three alleged iPhone variants next year will feature an OLED display.

To that end, now we're seeing some rather interesting details surface out of China. The iPhone and small sized display won't be the only products which Foxconn and Sharp will focus on. The pair is also looking to open up a new plant in China which will be geared towards making large screen LCD TVs. As of now, the final site of the plant hasn't been decided, with the country's Guangzhou and Guandong provinces to be the likely candidates.

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The plant will start production in the year 2019, with the focus of end products to be on the Chinese and South East Asian markets. These markets are making the switch from CRTs to LCDs and the duo intends to capitalize on this. The majority of the investment, as expected, will be borne by Hon Hai precision. The amount is estimated to stand at 800 Billion Yen, with the Chinese government also expected to make its contribution to the investment.

As of this moment, South Korean LG and Samsung have more than half of the world's LCD TV market share. The Foxconn-Sharp collaboration looks to counter this, though how effectively, only time can tell. 2019 is a long way ahead and right now we'd be glad if they're able to deliver to Apple's needs of OLED, and potentially Micro-LED for the iPhone. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.