Foxconn Employee Could Face 10 years in Prison for Stealing Nearly 6,000 iPhones

Omar Sohail
Foxconn exec stealing iPhones

Some employees have no limit to sate their greed and it looks like the illicit acts of a Foxconn executive will finally get the better of him as he faces up to 10 years for stealing a ton of iPhones.

Senior Manager at Foxconn Is Indicted for Stealing iPhones Worth More Than $1.5 million USD

A total of 5,700 iPhones in China have been reported to be stolen by a former senior manager at Taiwan's technology giant Foxconn. The Taiwanese manager has been identified by his family name Tsai; he worked in the testing department and instructed a total of eight employees at Foxconn's factory in the southern mainland Chinese city of Shenzhen. That is how he managed to smuggle a ton of iPhones out of the factory. Sources close to the matter have stated that the iPhone models comprised up of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

In order to make a quick buck, the employee, and his accomplices sold the phones. Originally, the devices were supposed to be scraped but were instead sold to stores in Shenzhen. Tsai and his accomplices managed to make a tiny fortune out of the illegal venture.

Foxconn reported the case to Taiwanese authorities after an internal audit and Tsai was questioned after he returned to the island earlier this year and was released on bail. Tsai was charged with breach of trust and faces a maximum 10-year jail term according to prosecutors. This isn’t the first time that Foxconn has been struck with a number of scandals.

This ranges from employee misconduct to labor disputes as well. The last time Foxconn employees were charged with breach of trust was when a total five employees in 2014, allegedly solicited Tw $160 million in kickbacks from suppliers in exchange for clearing quality checks and buying their equipment. The punishment they served were up to 10 years and 6 months in prison. Phone manufacturers and other manufacturers are definitely going to be keeping a close eye on the company from now on.


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