Fortnite Patch 4.5 adds Stars and Stripes Heroes, Drum Gun, Stink Bomb and More


Epic Games has released Fortnite patch 4.5 across all platforms which adds new content to the shooter, including Stars and Stripes heroes, the all-new Drum Gun, and more.

"Topple your rivals with the latest weapon to drop into Battle Royale, the Drum Gun", Epic writes on its blog. "Need to clear the room? Throw a stink bomb, now in Save the World. A firework show on the go, find the Freedom’s Herald Pistol in Save the World now."

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We've included the full release notes for the 4.5 content update below:

Drum Gun (Battle Royale)
The stopping power of a rifle and the fire rate of an SMG. Find the new Drum Gun in-game now.

Stink Bomb (Save the World)
What’s that smell? Give a Smasher a whiff of the Stink Bomb, available now in Save the World.

Freedom Herald Pistol (Save the World)
Brighten a Husk's day with the Freedom Herald Pistol.

Stars and Stripes Heroes (Save the World)
Celebrate summer with the Star and Stripes Heroes! Find them in the Event Store for a limited time.

Release notes Fortnite patch 4.5 (content update)



Fortnite is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS.