Fix iOS 9.3 Battery Life Issues On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Uzair Ghani

Here's how you can fix iOS 9.3 battery life issues on on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch in one fell swoop.

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Fix Battery Life Issues On iOS 9.3

As more and more people are starting to download and use iOS 9.3, a bunch of issues are going to arise in the days and weeks to come. But the common one, which we're pretty certain will hit the scene, pertains to battery life on a number of devices.

Now, while Apple does allow for over the air updates, ensuring that you retain your settings, apps and data at the end of the installation, but quite frankly, it's not the best route to take if you want to take full advantage of a software update. Hence, if you want to get the most of a software update in terms of pretty much everything, including battery life, then we highly recommend that you install iOS 9.3 from the ground up using iTunes, which will, of course, delete everything off your device. But don't panic, we're here to help.

1. Backup everything using iTunes or iCloud.

2. Download iOS 9.3 firmware file tailored for your iOS device.

3. Assuming you have iTunes installed on your PC or Mac, launch it.

4. Connect your iOS device using a USB cable with your PC or Mac.

5. Hold down the left 'Shift' key on your keyboard (Windows) or the 'Option' key (Mac) and click on 'Restore iPhone.'

6. Select the iOS 9.3 IPSW firmware file you downloaded in step 2 and let iTunes do its magic.

Once done, your iOS device will boot into a fresh installation of iOS 9.3. Simply restore your settings and apps from iTunes or iCloud and you're good to go. And it's highly likely that from here on in you'll face far better battery retention than before.

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If, for some reason, you're still suffering from bad battery life, then it's highly likely that you have an older device at hand. If that's the case, then we recommend users to turn off certain features to make things right again. Check out our guide posted here which will walk you through a bunch of things you can turn off to save battery life.

Keep in mind that iOS 9.3 is a big update, therefore it's likely that users might not see the best in terms of performance or battery life on older devices. And since the update is way too brand new as well, we're certain tests will pop up online comparing iOS 9.3 to older firmware versions, revealing how much users will gain, or lose, in the battery life and performance department.

We will suggest users with older devices to hold back from updating to iOS 9.3 until it's been confirmed what effect it has on older hardware.

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