Fix Google Play Store Error 194 While Trying To Update Android Apps


Here's how you can fix Google Play Store Error 194 on Android while trying to update apps over WiFi or cellular network.

Android Marshmallow

While there are many third-party outlets available for downloading apps and games on Android, the Google Play Store is the most legit way to install things without having to worry about anything at all, well almost. But at times, the Google Play Store can be choppy, throwing error messages at users on instances where they least expect it to. For example, the dreaded 'Error 194' can make an appearance while you're trying to update an app or a game, with the update subsequently failing due to the aforementioned error. But fret not, we're here to help and will guide you through the complete process of fixing everything in no time.

Fix Google Play Store Error 194

There are two parts to fixing Error 194, and they are listed below one after the other. So follow them in the exact order as they're posted.

Clear Cache Data For Google Play Store

1. Launch the Settings app from the app drawer on your Android device.

2. Now tap on 'Apps.'

3. Now you're going to scroll to 'All Apps' then tap on 'Google Play Store.'

4. Tap on 'Force Stop' then tap on 'Clear Data.' Marshmallow users have to tap on 'Force Stop' then tap on 'Storage' then 'Clear Cache,' 'Clear Data.'

Clear Cache Data For Google Play Services

1. Launch Settings once more.

2. Tap on 'Apps' then go to 'All Apps.'

3. Find an entry labelled 'Google Play Services.'

4. Tap on 'Force Stop' then of course, 'Clear Data.' Marshmallow users have to tap on 'Force Stop' then tap on 'Storage' then 'Clear Cache,' 'Clear Data.'

Launch the Google Play Store and go to the app you wanted to update and hit the 'Update' button. Everything should work just fine at this point. Also keep in mind that if Error 194 arises once again, then you might want to follow the above listed steps as they are to make things right again. If the problem persists, then we highly recommend that you perform a factory reset on your device. But do keep in mind that a factory reset will erase all your data, apps, photos, settings etc. so be sure to back everything up before making the giant leap.

Like any other app on Android, the Play Store is constantly being updated by Google so that it performs at its peak in terms of performance. And with every other release, the Play Store gets a lot of boost in terms of performance and bug fixes, so here's hoping that Google washes Error 194 off the face of this planet once and for all!

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