Apple Posts Interim Fix For iPad Pro Unresponsive Issue


A few days back, it came to our knowledge that the iPad Pro could become unresponsive after a session of being charged. Interestingly, there is a fix floating in the wile, something which is fairly quite obvious - a hard reset. Today, Apple has acknowledged the issue and has posted an interim fix for the problem, something which users already know about.

iPad Pro

'Force Reseting' The iPad Pro Should Make Things Right Again, For The Time Being

According to Apple:

Learn what to do if your iPad Pro doesn't respond when you press buttons or tap on the screen, and the screen is black.

To get back to using your iPad Pro, force restart it by pressing and holding both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

Apple is aware of this issue and is investigating.

So basically, Apple too suggests a hard reset of the device if things go south. If you're still wondering how a hard reset works, then be sure to check out our guide posted here. We highly recommend that non-iPad Pro users too check out the guide as it's really handy to know such a thing. A hard reset forcefully resets the device and boots it all over again, making things right, the way they should be.

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We're certain that Apple will push out an iOS update to fix the whole iPad Pro unresponsive issue, and at this point in time, we have absolutely no clue when that would bear fruit. But given that iOS 9.2 is currently in beta and is under testing as we speak, it's highly likely that Apple will use the aforementioned update to fix things altogether rather than going ahead with a small point update to iOS 9.1 itself. But of course, given the depth of the situation, Apple would want to patch things as early as possible rather than delaying it, so there is a possibility that we might end up seeing iOS 9.1.1. Who knows!

The iPad Pro is an extremely powerful device in a lot of ways, and it packs the highest resolution display ever on an iOS device. With the size of the iPad Pro's display sitting at 12.9-inches diagonal, the tablet is no doubt a mammoth to work on. While the 'Pro' moniker makes it seem as though the device is aimed at professionals, but it's confusing in that regard when you come to realize that it's a great alternative for consuming media content such as Netflix, Hulu etc.