Seven Paid Apps That Are Free Or on Sale at the Play Store for a Limited Time

Anil Ganti

No April fools shenanigans here just paid apps that are free or on sale for a while. Grab them while you can.

Hourly Weather Pro (originally $3.99, Free for four days)


Hourly weather is one of free weather apps with full features: Local weather, weather map and weather widgets.
Weather map: Local weather radar app free with a lot of radar scope: Rain/snow, temperature, pressure, windy, clouds, humidity, waves, … and storm radar.
Forecastle: Forecast now, hourly forecast and daily forecast app
Widgets for Android: The weather radar widget free and clock widget weather with beautiful style.

Download Hourly Weather Pro

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Draw On Screen Pro (originally $0.99, Free for four days)


With Draw On Screen, you can draw anywhere or make text notes on anywhere of the screen(even over other apps), take screenshots(Android 5.0+ required for take screenshots). The app is useful for presentations, making tutorials for any other apps. The floating toolbar let you use the tools without leave the current running app.

Download Draw On Screen Pro

Speaking Alphabet (Russian) (originally $2.99, Free for three days)

No more confusion while you play CS: GO/DOTA2.


The "Speaking Alphabet (Russian)" program is intended for training of children under control of parents to learn letters, writing words and reading. It is the convenient training program for joint lessons of parents with children where the adult sets tasks and helps the child to be guided with the world of letters, sounds and syllables. The speaking alphabet will help to remember to the child Russian letters, andtheir various writing look and sound: upper and lower case, hand-written and printing style.

Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption) (originally $4.99, $1.49 for five days)


Fuel Manager Pro will help control the cost of fuel and know when they have exceeded the budget. THE FIRST APPLICATION IN THE GOOGLE PLAY WITH FULL SUPPORT FOR DUAL-FUEL CONSUMPTION CALCULATION OF FUEL (GAS + PETROL)

Download Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption)

My Wallets (originally $3.49, $1.99 for five days)

Find out how this single mom saves MILLIONS using this exclusive app. Bankers hate her.


Do you want to control your expenses and be always aware of how much money you have spent and obtained over the past day, week, month or even year? This program will be the best financial assistant for you in this regard. You will always be informed of your financial possibilities. The app will show you, where you can save money and where you can spend more than usual. It is much easier to do this by using categories (food, clothes, car), accounts (cash, bank card, deposit), currencies (dollars, euros, pounds) and transfers (from one account to another).

Download My Wallets

tinyCam Monitor PRO (originally $3.99, $1.99 for three days)

No jokes here, as privacy is important, now more so, thanks to a certain website. The app is still in beta, and more features will be added later.


The best Android app for remote surveillance, control and video recording your private/public network or IP cameras, video encoders and DVRs with CCTV cams with 10+ million downloads. Monitor your baby, pet, home, business, traffic, and weather remotely and securely. tinyCam Monitor provides best value to customers. Buy now to get more features in future for free!

Download tinyCam Monitor PRO

CommBoards - AAC Speech Assistant (originally $9.99,  $5.49 for six days)


Commboards is an AAC Speech Assistance app that enables children and people of all ages with limited verbal abilities to express themselves and more easily communicate with the world around them, by utilizing a proved system of communication boards. Help your child or loved one communicate in an intuitive and fun way. When tapping on a series of pictures or a symbols, the created sentence is being read aloud, which in turn encourages oral speech and helps express thoughts and feelings, in the method of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). It can benefit people with Autism, Aspergers and other common conditions related to verbal self-expression.

Download CommBoards - AAC Speech Assistant

That's it for now. See you next time.


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