First Warhammer Vermintide DLC Released – Sigmar’s Blessing


Fatshark announced that the first Warhammer Vermintide DLC has been officially released. Titled Sigmar's Blessing, it's already available for all owners of the game on PC.

Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark, said:

After the successful launch, we’ve barely had time to celebrate as we’ve been 100% focused on fixing bugs and creating new content to further expand Vermintide. Sigmar's Blessing is just the beginning and we are looking forward, to continually add new modes and features into 2016 and beyond.

Here's what you can find in this Warhammer Vermintide DLC:

Visit the Shrine of Solace and sacrifice tokens that allows players to create weapons of a particular tier, type and for a specific hero. At a later time two more pages will be added to the Shrine: Offering, which allows the player to reroll all the traits on a weapon for a token fee, and Invocate, which rerolls the proc chance on a trait already connected to a weapon. The DLC introduces forty new veteran weapons and five new weapon traits (Off Balance, Backstabbery, Inspirational Shot, Diversion and Safety in Numbers) to both Veteran and Exotic tiered weapons. Five new hero trinkets (Sienna’s Hearthwind, Bardin’s Book of Personal Grudges, Witch Hunter’s Handbook, Kerillian’s Everbeak, and Hammer of the Empire), increase the chance of loot for the corresponding hero and every player can now salvage Trinkets, Hats and Exotic Loot.

Future updates mentioned in the press release also include a single-player private mode (for those interested in facing the Skaven alone), a realism mode that removes the game HUD and crosshairs and a brand new survival mode.

Warhammer Vermintide is also scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms at some point in Q1 2016. Check out the trailer for Sigmar's Blessing below.