First Galaxy S21 Teardown Shows What the Innards Look Like; Overall Components Arrangement Not Different From Galaxy S20’s

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First Galaxy S21 Teardown Shows What the Innards Look Like; Overall Components Arrangement Not Different From Galaxy S20’s

Only a few days have passed since the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra went up for pre-order, and already, the first teardown video has gone live. Naturally, there will be more comprehensive clips, likely showing all three models from the inside, but on this occasion, we get to see how repairable the base version is, so let us check it out right now.

Samsung Had Made Minor Changes to the Galaxy S21 When It Comes to Components Arrangement

When it comes to the arrangement of the components of the Galaxy S21, PBKreviews notes in the teardown that it is identical to the ones found in the Galaxy S20. For Samsung, it helps save costs since effort and resources aren’t utilized in designing how the internals are arranged. The individual performing the teardown shows that the internals are easy to take apart, suggesting that the Galaxy S21 shouldn’t be difficult to repair when the need arises.

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However, if you decide to perform unauthorized repairs on your Galaxy S21, the chances are that some features might get disabled. This is evident because the fingerprint reader stops working when pulled out from a working Galaxy A51 and placed in the same model but a different unit. However, with the Galaxy S21, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to remove the fingerprint reader that easily as it’s glued to the display.

It also looks like Samsung made some effort to cool the chipset properly. Though both the Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 are efficient silicon, proper cooling is needed to prevent them from thermal throttling. This is why Samsung is using a layer of graphite to help transfer heat more effectively. The person performing the teardown mentions that this layer performs just as well as a copper plate or vapor chamber to do the job, if not better.

Overall, the disassembly process appears straightforward, and first-timers who want to teardown their Galaxy S21 should not run into problems after viewing this clip a few times. We actually appreciate that Samsung has made things simple, though it’s unclear if it is locking down user repairs on its flagship smartphone lineup. It looks like we’ll find out in the future.

News Source: PBKreviews

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