First A14 Bionic Benchmark Leak Ends up Being a Disappointing One; Chipset Registers Lower Score Than Snapdragon 865 Plus


During Apple’s presentation of the A14 Bionic when it unveiled the iPad Air 4, the company talked about a massive 40 percent performance increase over the A12 Bionic. Surprisingly, the company didn’t provide stats on how the new chipset stacked up against the A13 Bionic, and according to a new benchmark leak, it looks like we might know the reason. The iPhone 12 Pro Max was apparently benchmarked, and disappointingly, it cannot beat the Snapdragon 865 Plus, according to a tipster.

Fresh Scores Also Show the A14 Bionic Running in the iPhone 12 Pro Max Is Only Marginally Faster Than the A13 Bionic Running in the iPhone 11 Pro Max

The benchmark leak was provided by Ice Universe, who has shared a performance chart of the iPhone 12 Pro Max as well as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Though he only showed how the A14 Bionic fares against the A13 Bionic, he does mention that Apple’s first 5nm chipset failed to overtake the Snapdragon 865 Plus in AnTuTu. If you want to check out the overall score differences between Apple’s two SoCs and more, the results are given below.

A15 Bionic Running in the iPad mini 6 Has an Underclocked CPU; Gets Beaten by A14 Bionic in Several Tests

iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Overall score - 572333

iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Overall score - 524436

These results could also be the reason why Ice Universe mentioned in a previous tweet that the Snapdragon 875 has a rare opportunity to beat the A14 Bionic this year. Also, the strange thing about this result is if you look at the chart, the UX score of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is less than what the iPhone 11 Pro Max obtained. The upcoming flagship phablet is apparently running iOS 14.1, but the benchmark doesn’t highlight if it’s a beta or not, so it’s possible we might be looking at some unpolished software running on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

While these results might show that the Snapdragon 875 has a huge chance to beat the A14 Bionic in 2020, we’ll still advise you to treat this leak with a pinch of salt for now. After Apple officially announces the iPhone 12 and when they are running a stable version of iOS 14, we’ll come back to these scores and make a fresh comparison, so stay tuned for more updates, because you never know how quickly those changes will arrive.

News Source: Ice Universe