Find Out Your iPhone’s Battery Percentage Using Your Mac – How to

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Want to find out the percentage of your iPhone's battery directly from your Mac? Here's how you can do so using a built-in feature in macOS.

You Can Check Your iPhone's Battery Percentage Right From Your Mac

There are a lot of features in iOS and macOS that are just waiting to be discovered. And interestingly, Apple only highlights the key stuff when it announces new software, without touching upon the little things. Today, it has come to our knowledge (via Reddit) that you can actually check the battery percentage remaining on your iPhone directly from you Mac. Now that's a feature Apple definitely never talked about.

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At this point you must be thinking: but I already can check the battery level of my iPhone from my Mac under the WiFi drop-down in the menu bar, so how is this different? Well, using the method you already know, you only see a little icon displaying the battery life (as shown in the screenshot below) using a barely visible icon. What you don't see is the proper remaining battery percentage of your iPhone.

Before you begin, it should be worth noting here that this feature only works if Bluetooth and WiFi are both activated and functioning on your iPhone and Mac. Furthermore, Handoff must be enabled as well, without which the feature will not work. All set? Follow the steps below.

1. On your Mac, locate the WiFi icon in the menu bar.

2. Now hold down the Option key on your keyboard and click on WiFi icon.

3. Once your iPhone shows up under Personal Hotspot, simply hover your mouse pointer over it with the Option key being held down. After a couple of seconds you will see your iPhone's remaining battery percentage along with your Device ID.

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Easy wasn't it?

But the obvious downside of this is that you must keep Bluetooth and WiFi turned on at all times. If you are absolutely fine with that, then this feature will go a long way for you. After all, waking your iPhone up just to check the battery life is kind of a hectic thing to do, when you can do the same on your Mac without much fuss.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this feature.

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