Find iPhone, iPad Model Number Without Retail Box

Uzair Ghani

Lost your iPhone, iPad retail box? Here's how you an still find out the device's model number in a few easy steps.

The entire iOS device lineup is right there in front of us if we take a stroll through Apple's website. But surprisingly, different iOS devices have different model numbers, depending on their origin. For instance, if you're an iPhone user, you'll notice that the model number is different if you buy it from a different region, and the difference usually lies in what bands they support around the world. Same goes for the iPad as well, where cellular models might not work with LTE bands everywhere around the globe.

For our convenience, Apple prints down the model number of a particular device behind the original retail box in which the smartphone or tablet arrived. But what if you lost the retail packaging and still want to find out the model number? It's absolutely easy and we'll show you how.

Find Out Your iPhone, iPad's Model Number If You Lost The Retail Box

1. Pick up the device whose model number you want to find and launch the Settings app.

2. Now tap on 'General.'

3. Scroll all the way down and then tap on 'Regulatory.'

4. See the highlighted number in the screenshot below? That's the model number for that particular device.

If you're in the process of purchasing a used iPhone or a cellular iPad from someone, then this model number is extremely handy to know. Why? Because you can use this model number on Apple's website to find out if that particular device is compatible with a certain LTE network around the globe. Hence, if you travel a lot, then this piece of information is absolutely golden and will go a long way in making sure that you made the right purchase.

We all have this severe habit of picking up one particular gadget and start using it without realizing a lot of things. And we're pretty sure that there are lot of users around the globe who opt for a new iPhone or cellular iPad without thinking for one second what they're buying. Just take a minute out and make sure that you tally the model number of what you're buying on Apple's website, making sure that it will definitely fulfill your requirements. You don't want to end up with a device that doesn't work on your carrier's LTE network at any cost!

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