Finally! Checkra1n Jailbreak Now Supports Linux, iOS 13.3.1, Brings New CLI, More

Feb 5, 2020

We previously covered that the Checkra1n jailbreak team was working on the exploit's Linux version. Now the checkm8 bootrom exploit based tool has been updated to version 0.9.8 beta. The update brings a plethora of changes to the table. One of the major additions is support for Linux. Check out more details on the update below.

Checkra1n Jailbreak Updated With Support for Linux, iOS 13.3.1, New CLI, More

As mentioned earlier, the latest Checkra1n jailbreak update adds support for Linux for the first time. The news was shared on Twitter early this morning that carried a small portion of what the update actually boasts. The entire changelog for the update is as follows:

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What’s new

Bug fixes

– This release squashes so many bugs we couldn’t keep track of them. Sorry bugs…

Other changes

– Support for Linux has arrived!
– Introduces webra1n.
– Low-level patching is now handled by our all-new pongoOS, engineered from the ground up for flexibility. More news on this front soon!
– Adds a whole new CLI, built around ncurses, which now supports FastDFU.
– Adds a new –version flag to the CLI for debugging purposes.
– Adds a new option in the GUI and CLI which allows for custom boot-args to be set.
– Adds an option to skip version checking for new iOS and iPadOS versions which haven’t yet been officially tested.
– Added support for iOS and iPadOS 13.3.1.
– The checkra1n app no longer requires internet to open.

While Checkra1n jailbreak for macOS was out, Windows support is not a question at this point because the team is running through some difficulties. However, with Linux support coming in, it's still great news for Windows users. This is due to the fact that Linux is free and it's easy to install on any PC which is partitioned.

Apart from this, Checkra1n is also launching its webra1n platform which is a web-based version of the jailbreak tool. It can be deployed on headless computers like Raspberry Pi.

Linux Support

This is the first checkra1n release which adds support for Linux. More information on installing the Linux version can be found here.

Known issues

– The exploit may not work as reliably on some devices, such as the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 3.
– When trying to jailbreak multiple devices, only the first attempt will succeed. Workaround: relaunch checkra1n after every jailbreak attempt.


Webra1n is an experimental web based UI for checkra1n, broadcasting ncurses – the terminal based ui – right to your browser and allowing headless devices (such as the Raspberry Pi) to present an interface over the network.

We advise to use it locally or behind a password protected Wi-Fi network/proxy.

Unsupported platforms

This beta is only available for macOS and Linux. Work is ongoing to support Windows, which will be added in a later release.

Other than this, the update also brings preliminary PongoOS support which allows Linus booting on iOS. Checkra1n update v0.9.8 also brings a new command-line interface (CLI) which is developed with FastDFU and ncurses. The app is now supported by iOS 13.3.1 and iPadOS 13.3.1. Furthermore, it now also supports skipping iOS version check during the operation so you don't have to jailbreak with every new release of iOS.

You can download the latest version of Checkra1n jailbreak for Linus from the official website. For more details on Checkra1n jailbreak for Linus, head over to this link.

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If you're unfamiliar with the technique: Here's how to jailbreak using Checkra1n jailbreak tool on compatible devices.

What are your thoughts on Checkra1n jailbreak for Linux? Are you looking to give it a shot? Let us know in the comments.