Final Fantasy XV Might Get Story DLC Focused On Ardyn Izunia


Final Fantasy XV, the latest entry in the series developed by Square Enix, received its first major DLC pack last week, with players now able to experience what Gladiolus did when he briefly left Noctis and his other friends to become stronger. Other DLC episodes focused on Prompto and Ignis will also be released later this year, and it seems like more stories focused on other important characters might be released in the future.

In a recent interview by Game Legends during Italian event Let's Play 2017, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata revealed that a DLC episode focused on Ardyn Izunia might be released in the future. Learning more about one of the most important characters of the game would definitely be nice, so let's hope that development of the Final Fantasy XV additional content proceeds smoothly to receive even more story content in the future.

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Shortly after the release of Episode Gladiolus, a new trailer has been released for the next DLC episode, Episode Prompto, which will release this June. A new update has also been released last week, introducing new content for Chapter 13 and more.

Version 1.06

Addition of Chapter 13, Verse 2 (alternate route featuring Gladiolus)
Enhancement of Arcana spells (Alterna, Holy, Death)
Announcement of winning snapshots from first photo contest (viewable at Takka’s Pit Stop in Hammerhead)
Temporary conclusion of Timed Quests (will resume at a later date)
Addition of two pieces from “Episode Gladiolus” downloadable content to music player tracklist
Addition of compatibility with “Episode Gladiolus” downloadable content
Various gameplay enhancements
Various bug fixes
Updated saves will not work on former versions of the game

Final Fantasy XV is now out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.