Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age New Story Trailer Highlights Enhancements; PS4 Pro Resolution Increase Confirmed

Francesco De Meo
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, the remastered version of the final entry in the series released on PlayStation 2, recently received a brand new trailer showcasing some of its enhancements.

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Square Enix producer Hiroaki Kato talked about the game's visual and audio enhancements in great detail, confirming that Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age will enjoy some PlayStation 4 Pro exclusive enhancements, such as higher resolution. The post also details some of the gameplay mechanics which were introduced in the International PlayStation 2 release which never left Japan.

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When creating the HD version of the visuals, we were careful to preserve the unique graphical texture of Akihiko Yoshida’s character illustrations while enhancing the expressiveness with modern technology.

And so, not only did we increase the resolution of the character models, but we have also strived to improve the textures such as the skin, hair, cloth, leather, metal, and any other material.

We have also improved the expressiveness of light and shadow by implementing modern lighting technology. The world inside the game can now be enjoyed with a greater sense of atmosphere and depth as we have enhanced the natural blur (depth of field) and soft lighting (ambient occlusion).

Oh yes, the resolution increases even more if you play this title on a 4K compatible TV with a PS4 Pro, so please try it out if you have the environment to do so.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 next month.

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