[UPDATED] Final Fantasy IX PC Will Require Android Plug-Ins To Run

[Update] Following the original reveal, some users have taken a good look at the Final Fantasy IX page on the Square Enix website, noting that the page includes everything the team used to develop the port, such as AutoBuilder, a script for the Unity editor, which is definitely not going to be packaged in the game.

[Original Story] Earlier this year, the classic role playing game Final Fantasy IX has been made available on Android and iOS devices. Not much has been said about the PC release of the new version of the game, but something new on it has emerged online earlier today.

Final Fantasy IX

According to the Square Enix website, Final Fantasy IX PC will require additional Android plug-ins to run, something that doesn't inspire much faith in the port.

In order to play FINAL FANTASY IX it is necessary to download and install a software installer program and certain third party plugins. The installer software incorporates certain third party plug-ins, which are governed by the open source licenses and other provisions ascribed to them below. The application of these licenses is limited strictly only to the plugins to which they are stated expressly to apply.

The new version of the now classic role playing game by Square Enix has been shown for the first time a couple of months back with a dedicated livestream. The new version of Final Fantasy IX, which has been handled by Silicon Studio Thailand, features a new battle interface which looks much better than the interface used in other recent mobile ports of the series, as well as a few other options not found in the original release such as an auto-save feature, achievements, high speed mode and several game boosting features. The new version of the game also comes with enhanced graphics.

Final Fantasy IX is now available on iOS and Android devices as well as on the original PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. We will let you know more about the yet to be released PC port as soon as more comes in on the matter, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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